This article (of Klöwer et al) is misleading (like most articles dealing with aviation impacts) because it limits people's view of the climate effects of aviation by merely zooming in on the shit that a flying airplane dumps into the air, and not adding to the emission factor per passenger or cargo kilometer all the emissions that were needed to get that thing flying up there, especially the emissions from the kerosene supply chain, emissions from the passenger and cargo supply chain, the emissions around construction and operation of all airport services (buildings, runways, parking lots, tunnels, roads, training, catering, air traffic control, security, waste), and last but not least the massive emissions around aircraft construction and their raw materials supply chain (incl. mining). See also here.

Also, the direct heat effect of flying is not included. See also here.

Aviation must be ended acutely, for three reasons: It is dispensable (and not a basic need for survival); it is one of the main causes of climate destabilization; and it is impossible to get clean(er) without a massive renewable energy infrastructure (whose construction alone will push us right through the remaining carbon budget into highly dangerous waters).